RBC Wastewater Treatment Package

Treatment Package Product warranty: 1 year Delivery time: 1 to 3 months depending on capacity Product capacity: from 1 to 5000 cubic meters per day Product application: hotels, cities, airports, villages, and industries, etc.
SKU: KN117
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Product Description: RBC process is one of the aerobic biological processes of wastewater treatment in which adhesion growth is used for the activity of microorganisms. An RBC unit typically consists of a series of large flat or corrugated disks mounted on a common horizontal shaft and partially or completely immersed in the sewer. RBC wastewater treatment package is useful for treating all types of sanitary and industrial wastewater with low volume.

Guarantee : 1 year

Production place: factory location and on-site installation Material: plain carbon steel, stainless steel Dimensions: Depending on the requested capacity After-sales service: 15 years Capacity: 1 to 5000 cubic meters per day Weight: Depending on the capacity requested Paint: Epoxy paint to order Power consumption: from 1 to 150 kW depending on capacity Download Catalog: More information on the manufacturer's website