HD340 JAGER Diffusor

from 5 to 8 cubic meters per hour Product Application: Plating pool, fish ponds, wastewater treatment packages, oil and oil wastewater treatment, food and dairy refineries, etc. SKU: KN2212
SKU: KN111
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product Description: The use of aeration in wastewater treatment to remove organic matter is a conventional method. Oxygen is blown into the wastewater through a blower and diffused through a diffuser. Large bubble diffusers are often used in wastewater containing high concentrations of solids or viscous fluids.

Warranty: 1 year

Production place: factory location and on-site installation

Membrane material: EPDM/SILICON

Body material: PP + 20٪GF

Diameter: From 7 inches

Aeration rate: 10 cubic meters per hour

Bubble size: 3 to 5 mm

After-sales service: 10 years

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