Gas chlorine package

Hotels, treatment and disinfection of pool water, disinfection of water inside cooling towers, wastewater treatment and recycling of water for agricultural or industrial purposes, disinfection of wastewater to prevent bulking
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Product Description: Chlorination device is used as a process of disinfection of water and removal of microorganisms in the water such as bacteria and algae. Relatively good, it is the most common method in the world, including our country. Chlorine can be used as chlorine gas and liquid chlorine. Low cost and high germicidal power are among the advantages of this method.

Warranty: 1 year

Production place: factory location and on-site installation

Dimensions: Depending on the requested capacity

Color: at the request of the customer

After-sales service: 15 years

Capacity: 80 to 2000 liters per day

Weight: Depending on the capacity requested

Power consumption: from 0.5 to 11 kW depending on capacity

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