domestic wastewater treatment package

urban and rural areas, small industries and industrial workshops, factories, hospitals, hotels, universities, leisure-tourism centers, municipalities and etc.
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Product Description: Using Nilfam gray water treatment package, it is possible to reuse, recycle and recycle 80% of water consumption in residential complexes, garden villas, apartments, industries and factories, etc., which in the current situation of water shortage and drought in the area The country will help reduce these problems. New Nilfam gray water purification packages with their unique design and process have advantages such as removing odors, dyes and detergents, high efficiency in reducing solids entering raw water solution during recycling, cost-effective with economic justification and easy operation They are and can be used in all areas that need water.

Sample sold: Afghanistan

Guarantee : 1 year

Production place: factory location and on-site installation Material: plain carbon steel, stainless steel Dimensions: Depending on the requested capacity After-sales service: 15 years Capacity: 1 to 20 cubic meters per day Weight: Depending on the capacity requested Paint: Epoxy paint to order Power consumption: from 0.2 to 3 kW depending on capacity

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