Chemical injection package

Prevent sedimentation in pipes and installations of boilers and heat exchangers, water and wastewater treatment with chlorine injection, injection of various chemicals in food industry, injection of disinfectants in large and small water and sewage treatment plants, chemical injection in Factory production line, well injection package, coagulation injection for water particle flocculation in clarifier systems, etc.
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Product Description: The package for preparing and injecting chemicals is a set of several tanks, mixers and dosing pumps and fittings that prepares the desired chemicals for injection into the desired fluid and adds it to it completely automatically. This package is a widely used equipment in the wastewater treatment industry.

Warranty: 1 year

Place of production: location of factory and installation on site

Material: Depending on seller company

Dimensions: Depending on the requested capacity

After-sales service: 15 years

Capacity: depending on the place of use

Weight: Depending on the capacity requested

Paint: Epoxy paint to order
Power consumption:
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