Automatic Bar screen

In treatment plants with a capacity of more than one thousand cubic meters Reduce damage to pumps and protect valves and valves for better operation Reduce the load on the next units of the treatment plant
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Product Description: Contamination is one of the physical treatment processes in which the removal and separation of solids and floating materials with diameters of more than 0.5 cm is done and depending on the amount of water or sewage inlet can be removed from manual contaminants. Or used mechanically, the most common type is manual waste screen (Manual Bar Screen) which is generally "used in small treatment plants and in large treatment plants due to the large volume of waste necessarily" mechanical dust collectors with Used auto function. In mechanical garbage collectors, the garbage grid is cleaned by a mechanical arm commanded by a switch upstream of the garbage collector.
Production place: factory location and on-site installation
Material: stainless steel
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Weight: Depending on the capacity requested
Color: at the request of the customer
Power consumption:
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